Back in 2015, Tom Price, Stuart Goldsmith and Olly Mann all discovered they were about to become Dads - Tom for the second time; Stuart and Olly for the first. By coincidence (because it would have been REALLY WEIRD to have co-ordinated the conception in advance with their respective partners), the offspring were all due within one week of another - and all three were boys.

So, they did what any three anxious, prospective fathers would do. They recorded a series of podcasts about it.

In these annual conversations, broadcast as part of The Modern Mann, you can follow the progress of three funny, blisteringly honest modern men confronting the realities, blessings and hardships of parenthood - from supporting their wives in pregnancy to taking toddlers through potty-training.


November 24th, 2015

Tom, Stu and Olly are about to become Dads. What impact will it have on their respective relationships? Why does society appear to offer such a lack of support to men embarking upon their first baby? Do men need to know about the mucus plug? The trio discuss scratch mittens, strained relationships and GP-sanctioned fingering. LISTEN NOW.


How To Be A Dad, part 2

May 3rd, 2016

"Having a child obliterates the person that you were."

Three months since they each spawned a son, the trio reunite to compare notes. What has having a baby done to their time management, sleep routines and sense of self-worth? Which gadgets would they recommend to future dads? And is there such a thing as male post-natal depression? LISTEN NOW.


How To Be A Dad, part 3

January 3rd, 2017

"You're trying to control everything. I'm just trying to get to bath-time".

The baby stage is over, but the Daddy Decisions are more acute, as our Dads discuss how to rescue their respective relationships from a world of 'guilt-tennis', how much TV to allow their sons to watch, and exactly how best to celebrate a one year-old's birthday... In this funny and frank discussion, they offer up advice on Baby Sign Language, front-facing papooses, and how to make a ‘fiddle-board’. LISTEN NOW.


How To Be A Dad, part 4

December 20th, 2017

"Sometimes, you've GOT to shout at your children"

The sons are now coming up to two years old - but does that mean toddler tantrums ('the terrible twos') are about to become a way of life?In a typically frank and funny conversation, Tom, Stu and Olly tackle 'benign neglect', 'career lag', 'over-parenting', and the cult of Supernanny... LISTEN NOW.


How To Be A Dad, part 5

“I’m busy putting out emotional fires. I do not have time to reflect on ANYTHING”

As their sons turn three, Tom, Stu and Olly consider how to control a toddler who has no concept of time, why Dads aren’t as good as Mums at making friends, and when your role as educator impinges on your son’s imagination…

Plus: potty training, faith schools, Spotify playlists, and the ‘self-deleting baby years’ that repeat on you when your second child arrives. LISTEN NOW.