Electric cars, hi-fidelity streaming, boutique hotels, ‘summer footwear’ … it’s all just so sodding exhausting, isn’t it? As if navigating the waters of third-wave feminism and constantly-available pornography weren’t choppy enough, the glossy men’s mags demand the modern man must be stylish, savvy, sensitive - and yet also prepared to be mocked and manipulated into buying a £50 bottle of ‘mineral mask’.

The Modern Mann is different. We know you like to stay on top of trends, but that in reality you fall woefully short of them. We know you want to be informed about tech, food and fashion - but that you’ll inevitably continue to wash your face with, um, soap.

Launched by Answer Me This! co-creator Olly Mann, we are the new weekly show that is here for you, for free. If you’re interested in a lively take on 21st century culture, this show will appeal to you. And, like all the best men’s magazines, you needn’t be a man to enjoy it.


OLLY MANN - presenter


Olly hosts The Media Podcast and Radio 4's The Male Room, and has anchored hundreds of hours of live radio for stations including LBC and Magic.

His comedy podcast Answer Me This!, which celebrates its tenth birthday in 2017, remains one of Britain's most popular independent podcasts. It has won Podcast of the Year at the Sony Radio Academy Awards, British Public Radio Awards, and European Podcast Awards, and has been spun-off into a book published by Faber. With co-host Helen Zaltzman, Olly has also presented numerous specials for 5 Live and a Radio 4 series about the origins of podcasting. 

Olly is a columnist for Reader's Digest, and guests regularly on BBC Breakfast and Sky News. He has also presented Tech Weekly for The Guardian.

OLLIE PEART - Contributor

Ollie is the Modern Mann's trending stream, uncovering the best of the week's trends in our opening segment, 'The Zeitgeist'.

Ollie is a 5'6" blonde haired, ginger bearded ancestor of some vikings... probably. He's a writer and presenter but spends most of his time walking his dog in the Berkshire countryside. 

He has been described as a 'digital disruptor', a 'pint-sized geek' and 'the angriest man in action sports'. He has hosted Please Accept Cookies for The Guardian, Epic Guff  for Epic TV and The Indestructibles for Dave, and currently scripts and develops TV programmes that no one will ever see.

He once auditioned to be the Milkybar Kid, but, sadly, didn't get the part.

170206_modern_mann0715NEW small.jpeg

ALIX FOX - Contributor

Alix is The Modern Mann's resident sexpert, although she prefers the term “sex spurt”. She's an award-winning journalist, presenter and sex educator.

A former editor on Bizarre magazine and agony aunt for Men's Fitness, Alix currently works as UK Sex & Relationships Expert for Durex, teaches for Ann Summers, frequently collaborates with Brook sexual health charity, and hosts real-life sex story podcast Close Encounters for The Guardian. You can find her writing in Marie Claire, Grazia, Glamour, Time Out and The Debrief, and scrawled on various toilet walls.

She’s told her neighbours that the buzzing, vibrating sounds they can hear through the walls are just her using an epilator, so they must think she’s really hairy. 

MATT HILL - Producer

Matt is the director of Rethink Audio, which produces podcasts for publishers including The Guardian, VICE and Private Eye, as well as independent series The Modern Mann, For Formula One's Sake and Spark London - True Stories Live.

Team Modern Mann at the UK Radio Academy Awards 2016. 

Front Row: Producer Matt Hill, Music Associate Fuzz Choudhrey, Presenter Ollie Peart

Back Row: Presenter Alix Fox and Host Olly Mann