9/5 - Fastest Fingers First

How do you win a game-show? Olly’s assembled a dream-team to find out: Fifteen To One grand finalist Will Howells, The Chase question-setter Julia Hobbs and serial quizzer Jason Hill, who’s appeared on 14 shows including Pointless, Eggheads and Countdown.


What’s the best way to get chosen by the production team? How do you swot up before the big day? How should you calm your nerves under pressure? How do you refine your strategy - and win big money? And what is the most coveted prize in quizzing?

In this lively conversation, these three stalwarts from the Quiz League of London reveal their entertaining insider tricks and tips on everything from beating the wall on Only Connect to winning big cash via live-gaming apps like HQ and Cash Show.


Elsewhere this week, Ollie Peart’s challenge to write a Christmas song has finally borne fruit, thanks to the excellent work of his ‘co’-writer Philippe Marc Anquetil. But can ‘The Sound of Christmas’ become a number one chart hit? Ollie has a plan…

And, on this week’s Foxhole, Alix Fox takes an emotional HIV test, and advises a tall man who wants to have shower sex with his shorter wife - what are the best positions, toys and alternatives for them to get wet?

Finally, our record of the week is ‘Tummy’ by Tamino, whom you can catch playing live in London on December 3rd:

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Posted on November 20, 2018 and filed under Season Nine.