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2/5 - How To Be A Dad, part 2

"Having a child obliterates the person that you were."

Six months ago, Olly met with comedians Stuart Goldsmith and Tom Price to discuss their fears and anxieties around their impending fatherhood. Now, three months since they each spawned a son, the trio reunite to compare notes...

Price, Mann, Goldsmith: this is what three tired men look like

What has having a baby done to their time management, sleep routines and sense of self-worth? Which gadgets would they recommend to future dads? And is there such a thing as male post-natal depression? 


Meanwhile, in The Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart learns French via his smartphone, discusses Radiohead's temporary disappearance from the internet, and the trend for 'dentist beards'.

And, in The Foxhole, Alix Fox flogs a truck-load of her old sex toys for charidee, and considers whether a listener should be loyal to the mirena coil if his wife's contraceptive prevents her from achieving orgasm. If you have a question for Alix for next week's show please go ahead and submit it on our Feedback page. 
Our song of the week is, appropriately, from the lullaby archives at

Thanks to Soho Theatre London for hosting our discussion. You can hear more from Stuart Goldsmith in The Comedian's Comedian, in which he interviews a headline comic about their career and creative process; and more from Tom Price in The Leak, a topical comedy show returning soon. in which Tom and guests look back over the week's news. We'd strongly recommend both!

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2/4 - Let's Build A Theme Park

Thrills, spills, and forming an orderly queue.

Theme parks have transformed from the travelling fairs of the fifties and Disney-inspired family resorts into playgrounds for adrenalin junkies of all ages.  So, how do ride designers meet the needs of their discerning public?

Bradley Wynne, lead creative artist at Merlin Magic Making, is a man who knows - he's spent a lifetime obsessing about all things theme park and is now heading up the team for Thorpe Park's biggest ever launch, Derren Brown's Ghost Train

In this episode, Olly learns from him how sounds, smells and touch can enhance the experience of riding a rollercoaster; discusses the fallout from the tragedy on The Smiler, and how you can use a very boring interest in planning application data to your advantage, to secure a dream job.


Also this episode: Ollie Peart debates the pleas for 'no spoilers' following the return of Game Of Thrones, the declining sales of pasta, and the enduring power of dial-up; and in The Foxhole, Alix Fox considers whether having sexual fantasies about your schooldays makes you a paedophile. (It doesn't). If you have a question of sex for a future episode of the show - just click Feedback. Go on! You can remain completely anonymous if you wish. 

Our record of the week? Why, that's Damien Jurado's new single, Qachina, out May 6th:

Good, innit? 

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2/3 - Britain's Best Barista

How DO you make the perfect cup of coffee?

... Do you grind? Do you press? Do you froth? One man who knows is Coffee Masters champion Ben Morrow, of Melbourne-based coffee roasters St. Ali.

In this episode, Olly meets him at Hackney Coffee Company to discuss how to buy coffee, how to prepare it, and how to capture the essence of a Columbian farm in liquid form... 


Also this episode: what do you do when your partner has a latex fetish, but you're highly allergic to it? Alix Fox has the answer in The Foxhole. And, over in The Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart considers name-changing, the surge in vinyl record sales, and his trip to watch Drone Racing at Wembley Stadium:

Last but not least, we are ROCKING OUT this week with our Song of the Week. It's by The Amazons, and it's called Stay With Me, out now on Fiction Records, and it has a video that begins in a bloody Travelodge, which can't be bad, really:

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2/2 - Shooting A War Zone

Earl Grey, body armour and preparing for War

Photojournalist Alison Baskerville was serving in the RAF in Iraq when she began documenting the lives of her fellow soldiers. She now independently produces astonishing images from the front line across the world, including Afghanistan, Mali, Israel/Gaza and the Philippines. 

In this episode, she tells Olly about the moments on basecamp that embedded journalists never get to see, the best way to pack to prepare yourself for a warzone, and why she needed to leave the armed forces to gain objectivity.


Here is just a sample of Alison's great work - you can see more on her website and by following her on Instagram.

Elsewhere in the episode, Ollie Peart talks Disney pet trends, 'Shakespeak', and the Chris Packham wasp controversy in this week's Zeitgeist; whilst Alix Fox considers the twenty-first century role of the Femidom and a question of cross-dressing in this week's Foxhole. Remember, if you have a question of sex for Alix, just fill out our Feedback form - you can remain anonymous if you wish.

And finally, our Single of the Week is the wonderful 'Walk To The One You Love' by Twin Peaks, out now on Communion Records:

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2/1 - How To Be A Male Model

From the Cenotaph controversy to the Catwalk

Charlie Gilmour was tabloid enemy #1 when he dangled from the Cenotaph during the student protests of 2010. Now he's a writer and, since being scouted at a Christmas party, a male model.

In this episode, he reveals to Olly what it takes to make Paris Fashion Week in 2016, how to work on your 'walk', and where models hide their drugs...


Elsewhere in what would, if only we were American, be our 'season premiere', Ollie Peart returns with The Zeitgeist - and considers the politics of fear, The West Cornwall Pasty position on #Brexit, and the glorious failure of Microsoft's chat-bot experiment, Tay. 

Plus, Ollie location-searches on behalf of his friend Paul, who has Crohn's and wants to poop in the most glamorous and exciting toilets in Britain. If you have a suggestion for Paul, just tweet us @themodernmann and use hashtag #myfinalpoops.

Meanwhile, Alix Fox returns from Rabbit Island for another series of The Foxhole. This week: the prickly issue of foreskin regeneration, the disputed medical benefits of circumcision, and how the American predilection for penis-cutting originates in the wacky beliefs of Dr Lewis Sayre.

Got a question of sex for a future episode of the show? Drop us a line on our Feedback page: you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Our single of the week is 'Bermuda' by GIVERS, out now on Glassnote

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