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6/10 - The Truth About Clean Eating

‘Any health claims connected to coconut oil have no basis in fact’

Are you doing 'Dry January'? Experimenting with gluten-free snacks? Or stocking up on 'superfoods'?

If so, Anthony Warner warns, you are, in fact, building up a damaging relationship with food, and should probably stop it, now...

In this insightful interview with Olly, he takes on the bad science of the 'clean eating' movement, explains the reality of 'anti-oxidant' blueberries, and will make you think twice before you ever cook in coconut oil again.


Elsewhere in our season finale, Ollie Peart - the man who predicted we’d all be wearing flared velvet by now - predicts the year ahead in this week's Zeitgeist: from metallic hair to Bitmoji, taking in backwards-looking technology and the threat of increasing earthquakes along the way.

And, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox - dismayed yet galvanised by a recent set of STI statistics - is on hand to advise a listener who wants to explore whether her husband should find sexual salvation with a transexual woman. (The Foxhole is sponsored, as ever, by our friends at - head on down now to their JANUARY SALE - and get 15% OFF when you use our discount code, Foxhole.)

Meanwhile, our Lifehack this week comes courtesy of our very own Producer Matt, who offers up his Top 3 tips to make a successful podcast. (Oh, and if you're inspired to create a podcast of your own, check out Lifehack sponsors - they make it easy to create beautiful websites to support your show, like, er, this one!)

Finally, our record of the week is Shiva by new act Azusena, out now on Fiction Records:

Thanks to the sponsors of this week's show, Tenga. Their excellent new electronic toy for men, the Flip Zero EV, is out now. (If you'd like to sponsor a future episode of the show, be in touch!)

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6/9 - How To Be A Dad, Part 4

"Sometimes, you've GOT to shout at your children"

Tom Price and Stuart Goldsmith once again join Olly to compare notes on the perils of parenthood. Their sons are now coming up to two years old - but does that mean toddler tantrums ('the terrible twos') are about to become a way of life?

In a typically frank and funny conversation, our trio of Dads tackle 'benign neglect', 'career lag', 'over-parenting', and the cult of Supernanny...


(This is the fourth instalment of our ongoing How To Be A Dad series. Catch up here: Part One // Part Two // Part Three )

Meanwhile, in this week's Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart considers social media's grimmest question of 2017, suggests Ripple's XRP could be the next big thing in cryptocurrency, and gets a sneak preview of the new series of Black Mirror.

Elsewhere, Alix Fox is emptying Santa's sack in our annual Christmas Foxhole Spectacular. On the menu this year: singalong dongs, mocha-flavoured lube and vibrators that look like bike lights. As ever, the fun is sponsored by our friends at, where you should use our exclusive discount code, FOXHOLE, to secure a superb 15% OFF.

This week's Lifehack is a Xmas how-to from Beef & Dairy Network - the number one podcast for those involved, or just interested in, the production of beef animals and dairy herds. (The Lifehack is sponsored by our friends at Squarespace, who can help you design a beefy website in just a moo. Take a free trial at, and get 10% OFF your first website or domain when you use our code MANN.)

Finishing off our bumper festive edition is suitable style is our record of the week, Walking In The Air from the brilliant Tom Chaplin. It's from his new album Twelve Tales Of Christmas, out now on Island Records:

We'll be back with our season finale in January. Until then - we wish all Mannfans a very happy Christmas, and ask that if perchance you have any money left over from your festive indulgences, you consider supporting the show financially.

Happy New Year!

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6/8 - The Trouble With Tall Buildings

The Heron Tower, London

Wind speeds, planning restrictions, financial crisis... a lot can go wrong when designing a super-tall building.

Yet, each year, more skyscrapers are springing up around us. Architect Fred Pilbrow, of Pilbrow and Partners, has designed a number of them, including London's third-tallest building, the Heron Tower.

In this insightful interview with Olly, he explains how technology is solving problems of vertical transportation (that's 'lifts' to you and me), how Winter gardens offer an alternative to green space - and illustrates the journey of a poo as it makes its way down from the 65th floor... 


Elsewhere, in this week's Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart considers why this year's 'must-have' Christmas toy is, in effect, a slippery slope into gambling. He explains why dressing up as Batman might make you more productive at work. And he previews some big Christmas telly, including the season finale of Peaky Blinders and the return of Vic n' Bob.

Meanwhile, down The Foxhole, Alix Fox advises a listener with a seemingly unusual problem - every time she becomes aroused, she sneezes. Along the way, Alix discovers 'Honeymoon rhinitis', how to get barred from Facebook, and Gould and Pyle's Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine.

(The Foxhole is, as ever, sponsored by our friends at Be sure to visit their Stocking Fillers section right now if you feel like being a ho ho ho this holiday season - and use Alix's delicious discount code, FOXHOLE, to secure 15% OFF.)

Our Lifehack this week features The Spectator's literary editor Sam Leith, offering up his Top 3 tips on 'how to write good': cater to your audience, prioritise your verbs, and don't be inspired by Rudyard Kipling. If you fancy consuming more Leithian insights, look no further than Sam's new tomeWrite to the Point: How to be Clear, Correct and Persuasive on the Page - out now. 

(The Lifehack is sponsored by our friends at Squarespace, who can help you design a stunning and simple website in moments. Take a free trial at, and get 10% OFF your first website or domain when you use our code MANN.)

Finally, our Record of the Week comes courtesy of brand new band Shrimp Eyes. It’s their debut - called 'Katata Fish' - and it’s available to stream now on Soundcloud:

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6/7 - The Confidence Trick

"Sometimes you have to be other people to become who you are."

Gavin Bain and Olly Mann

Best mates with Eminem, signed by Sony, and on the verge of international superstardom, Californian rap group Silibil 'n' Brains were the music industry's Next Big Thing. There was just one problem: they'd never been to California. They were from Dundee.

In this extraordinary interview with Olly, Gavin Bain - who, as Brains Mcloud, was one half of the hip hop duo - recalls how a heady mix of humiliation, desperation and sheer chutzpah lead him to fool the entire music industry - and brought him to the brink:


Gavin's book, California Schemin', is out now - and you can find plenty of Sylibil N' Brains music on Spotify

Peart takes a bath, in the name of research

Elsewhere this week, Ollie Peart considers Uber's bid to prevent 'automovom' in this week's Zeitgeist. Also on the agenda: death on social media, Stephen Fry's sleep stories, hand massaging and hot baths.

And, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox - fresh from enlightening delegates at the Digital Freedom Festival - reveals the art of 'muffing', and answers the query of Mann-fan Pip, who's repulsed by the smell, taste, and even thought of her boyfriend's semen.

As the Foxhole is brought to you by our friends at, you can nab a wonderful 15% OFF just for listening - all you need to do is use our code 'Foxhole' at Checkout. So, why not stock up on some sexy Christmas goodies from their Christmassy Stocking Fillers section?

Meanwhile, this week's Squarespace Lifehack features business journalist Emily Birt, of, providing her Top 3 tips to get a pay rise. (If you have advice of your own to share, start a blog with - and if you use our code 'Mann' at Checkout, you get 10% off your first website or domain.)

Finally, our record of the week is 'Broken Record', by plucky upstart Van Morrison. It's the opening track from his 38th studio album, Versatile, out now:

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6/6 - Suits You Sir

"You don’t buy a suit from me. You commission a sartorial image."

Andrew Ramroop OBE made his first pair of trousers whilst he was still in school shorts. At 17, he headed away from his home nation of Trinidad, gravitating towards London’s world-famous Savile Row.

In this interview with Olly, he recalls how the racism he faced as a young tailor fuelled his career progression, and how he went on to create suits for Tony Curtis, Samuel L Jackson and Princess Diana.

He also explains how, from a possible choice of 12,000 different fabric combinations, he could make YOU the perfect suit…


(Andrew is the owner of Maurice Sedwell Ltd. Find them at 19 Savile Row W1, or online at

Meanwhile, in this week’s Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart wonders whether real-time photo editing software will forever alter our perceptions of our own faces, and posits that live-streamed gameshow apps are the future of television. And, he spills the beans on his trip to Birmingham’s Comic-Con - dressed as his favourite cartoon character

Elsewhere, in this week’s Foxhole, Alix Fox - fresh from checking out some supposedly ‘cursed’ object d’art - offers up (c)literary treats for the VERY broad-minded reader. Which erotic fiction is worth exploring, once you’ve decided Fifty Shades Of Grey isn't doing it for you anymore? And which audiobooks are available to spice up your commute? 

The Foxhole is, as ever, sponsored by our liberated friends at They have a bewilderingly delightful range of toys, lubes and contraceptives - and, just for being a Mann-Fan, you get an incredible 15% OFF by using our code ‘FOXHOLE’ at Checkout.

The Lifehack comes courtesy of’s UK Editor Meera Dattani, who offers up her Top 3 tips to pack lightly when heading off to see the world. The Lifehack is sponsored by - do check out their award-winning templates next time you want to build yourself a website, and get 10% OFF your first purchase when you use our code ‘MANN’.

Finally, our record of the week is the new one from Be Good - it’s called ‘Nightbus’, and it’s out now on Communion Music:

Many thanks to the title sponsor of this week’s episode, ECHO.CO.UK. Their superb app, downloadable now for iOS and Android, provides a pain-free way to get your repeat prescriptions delivered direct to your door

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