1/3: I was a Teenage Rock Star

"My Mum had to sign my record deal".

Conor McGloin was 10 years old when he decided he wanted to be an international rock superstar.

Ten days before his 18th birthday, he was supporting the Manics at Brixton Academy as part of hot-new-things Kinesis. But it didn't quite turn out the way he'd expected...

He shares his tale of ambition, alcohol and hubris with Olly in this week's ROCKING episode:


Olly Mann and Conor McGloin, no longer a teenage rockstar

Olly Mann and Conor McGloin, no longer a teenage rockstar

If Olly's interview with Conor inspires you to check out some Kinesis online, the good news is you can, for free, here and here. We discovered Conor through an interview he gave to The Guardian earlier this year - read it here.

Meanwhile Ollie Peart considers the anti-theft protection services of Serena Williams; the man who wants to raise £33k to build a bag that looks like a scrotum; and, with grim inevitably, this year's John Lewis Christmas ad in The Zeitgeist.

And, in our weekly trip down The Fox Hole, Alix assists a gent who wants his partner to wee on him. Or to let him wee on her. It isn't entirely clear. It's probably off-yellow... If you have a question of sex for Alix Fox, you can submit it here - and you can choose to remain anonymous if you like.

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Our song of the week is the raucous 'S.O.B.' by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - out now on Stax records:

Next week: how to make money from whiskey. (Clue: you can't drink it).

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Posted on November 10, 2015 and filed under Season One.