2/9 - How to Win at Shopping

The men who make you buy stuff. 

What makes you buy a product? The look? The smell? The layout of the shop? In today's cut-throat business world, none of that is left to coincidence: behavioural science is influencing the design of high street stores, supermarkets and online emporiums alike. 

In this episode, Olly meets consumer psychologists Reece Akhtar and Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos from University College, London to uncover how we consumers are manipulated into buying stuff we don't want or need via retailers cleverly appealing to our fear of scarcity, desire to belong or our basest instincts. So, next time you go shopping, you'll know what to look out for - you'll never walk the floor tiles in Tesco the same way again!


Elsewhere, Ollie Peart considers 'ice cream van wars' and KFC-flavoured nail polish in The Zeitgeist, and Alix Fox discusses animal role-play and sex toy cleaning regimes in The Foxhole

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Posted on May 31, 2016 and filed under Season Two.