4/7 - I Was A Child Soldier

"You can't even play 'Call Of Duty' until you're 18."

When he was just 14 years old, Wayne Sharrocks realised he wanted to join the Army.  Within a year, he’d begun the process of signing up to serve his country. At 18, he had his regimental cap badge tattooed on to his chest.

In this searingly honest interview with Olly, he describes how the Army broke him down and built him back up again; training him to follow orders without question and desensitising him to violence. In postings to Afghanistan he saw courage, commitment - and life-changing injuries...


Britain is the only European country to recruit child soldiers, and Wayne now campaigns for the enlistment age to be raised. You can discover more about him, and the documentary film he’s crowdfunding, on his website waynesharrocks.com.  Thanks to Veterans For Peace for hooking us up.

In The Zeitgeist this week, Ollie Peart explains the purpose of a ‘high performance chicken’, undergoes a significant life-change, and reveals the Pervert Capital of Britain. Plus, mentions for meme make-up and Simon Amstell's new film, Carnage.

And, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox rejoices at the expansion of sex education in UK schools, and explores the world of the ‘furry fandom’ and ‘yiff’ erotic art. The Foxhole is supported by our friends at mycondom.com. Want to stock up on lube, toys or condoms? Just use the code ‘Foxhole’ at Checkout to get 15% off!

Our song of the week is the new track by Kove & Joseph J Jones - All Or Nothing:

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Posted on March 28, 2017 and filed under Season Four.