6/10 - The Truth About Clean Eating

‘Any health claims connected to coconut oil have no basis in fact’

Are you doing 'Dry January'? Experimenting with gluten-free snacks? Or stocking up on 'superfoods'?

If so, Anthony Warner warns, you are, in fact, building up a damaging relationship with food, and should probably stop it, now...

In this insightful interview with Olly, he takes on the bad science of the 'clean eating' movement, explains the reality of 'anti-oxidant' blueberries, and will make you think twice before you ever cook in coconut oil again.


Elsewhere in our season finale, Ollie Peart - the man who predicted we’d all be wearing flared velvet by now - predicts the year ahead in this week's Zeitgeist: from metallic hair to Bitmoji, taking in backwards-looking technology and the threat of increasing earthquakes along the way.

And, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox - dismayed yet galvanised by a recent set of STI statistics - is on hand to advise a listener who wants to explore whether her husband should find sexual salvation with a transexual woman. (The Foxhole is sponsored, as ever, by our friends at mycondom.com - head on down now to their JANUARY SALE - and get 15% OFF when you use our discount code, Foxhole.)

Meanwhile, our Lifehack this week comes courtesy of our very own Producer Matt, who offers up his Top 3 tips to make a successful podcast. (Oh, and if you're inspired to create a podcast of your own, check out Lifehack sponsors Squarespace.com - they make it easy to create beautiful websites to support your show, like, er, this one!)

Finally, our record of the week is Shiva by new act Azusena, out now on Fiction Records:

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See you in the Spring!

Posted on January 2, 2018 and filed under Season Six.