10/3 - Credit The Con

Private Investigator Bob Nygaard specialises in bringing psychics to justice.


Fortune-tellers, offering palm-reading for as little as ten dollars, are a common sight in New York City. But when they swindle their clients out of six-figure sums, it’s ex-NYPD officer Bob on their case…

In this sensational interview with Olly, Bob reveals how the criminals he pursues prey on vulnerable victims, the techniques they use to convince clever professionals to hand-over huge amounts of money, and his fight to convince complacent cops that it’s worth prosecuting and imprisoning these ingenious offenders.



Also this episode, Olly is overwhelmed by the response to our call for an interactive map of our Mannbassadors, and declares Ben from Osaka our official Mapbassador. You can check out his winning effort here, and the enviable entries from runners-up Nikki in Auckland here, and Jason in Brooklyn here.


Elsewhere, Ollie Peart - fresh from stunning crowds with a hanky at London’s Underbelly - investigates the trend for contemporary magic in The Zeitgeist. Can he convince passing punters that he’s the next Dynamo? (When those punters are elderly boardwalkers in Weymouth, and the power of selective editing is harnessed effectively, it turns out that yes, he can):

Meanwhile, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox advises a couple trying for a baby. Is it possible to combine romance, kink and conception? Alix reveals all. And then goes considerably further, with a NSFW story about a lady’s bottom.

Music this month comes from atmospheric alt-rockers Palace, whose new album, Life After, is released July 12. The single is called ‘Running Wild’, and it’s out now:

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Posted on July 1, 2019 and filed under Season Ten.