8/8 - Cruising With Mickey

‘It’s not real life. It becomes very intense very quickly’

Working aboard Disney’s cruise ships requires a commitment to customer service, a never-fading smile, and a mastery of ‘the Disney point’.

disney island cruise.jpg

But for Andy Young - a twentysomething bartender on Disney Wonder in 2002 - it also served as an introduction to excessive drinking, clandestine romps and a salary of just $26 per fortnight, plus tips...


disney blur.jpg

If you'd like to hear more of Olly chatting Disney, check out this recent episode of BBC Radio 4 Extra's 'Podcast Radio Hour', in which Olly meets his favourite Disney podcaster, Natalie Palamides from 'Hidden Mickeys'.

Elsewhere this week, Ollie Peart travels to Paris for The Zeitgeist, to investigate the trend for ‘floating’ Bird scooters - dockless adult scooters hired via smartphone - and quietly lets slip that his social media detox may have come to an end.

Bird 1.jpg

Meanwhile, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox furnishes listener Craig in Richmond, Virginia with some tips for his forthcoming pre-wedding ‘sex-fast’. What is 'Kunyaza'? And is it a good idea for a couple to keep their hands off each other’s bodies as prolonged foreplay before their marriage nuptials?

This week’s Lifehack is brought to you by Lara Morgan, co-founder of aromatherapy-based company Scentered, with advice on how to maximise the world of fragrance to lead a happier life.

Finally, our record of the week is ‘Maddy’ by Jackie Cohen, out now on Space Bomb Records:

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Posted on August 15, 2018 and filed under Season Eight.