8/6 - The Cop Who Went To Prison

‘You keep your eyes open, you keep your mouth shut, and you get your fists ready’

Michael Bunting always wanted to be a police officer. He qualified aged 19, with his Dad’s old Constabulary collar number. Then, one Summer Sunday evening, his life changed forever...

bunting cop.jpg

Whilst attempting to detain a violent suspect, he was severely beaten. He kicked out - and was charged with common assault.

As he recalls in this compelling conversation with Olly, this one moment lead to a two-year ordeal, culminating behind bars at HMP Armley, where his fellow inmates chanted ‘Slaughter The Pig’...


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Elsewhere on this week’s show, Ollie Peart heads down to the canal to investigate the trend for millenials to live on house-boats - and uncovers a world of communal living, technological sacrifices and ‘cassette toilets’.

Meanwhile, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox talks polycystic ovaries, and advises a listener whose friend intentionally deceives sexual partners about her infertility.

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This week’s Lifehack comes courtesy of Alex, bar manager for Beany Green South Bank - with his Top 3 tips to make the perfect margherita: buy the finest white Tequila, use agave syrup rather than brown sugar, and always freshly squeezed lime juice.

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Posted on July 31, 2018 and filed under Season Eight.