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7/6 - Inside Amazon's Warehouse

‘There were rules that you couldn’t not break, if you wanted to keep your job’

Demeaning, poorly paid and tedious: life as an Order Picker in Amazon’s ‘fulfilment centre’ in Rugeley, Staffordshire was a draining, revelatory ordeal for writer James Bloodworth, who worked there undercover in 2016.

amazon centre.jpeg

In this enlightening interview with Olly, he reveals how being an ‘associate’ in Amazon’s warehouse meant enduring ten-hour shifts, tethered to an electronic device, walking up to fifteen miles per day; treated with suspicion, and effectively paid under the minimum wage.


James’s book, Hired: Six Months Undercover In Low-Wage Britain is out now.

In this week’s Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart has news of the return of the mullet, is concerned with how smartphone photography is corrupting our memories - and triumphantly answers his challenge to spend £100 on displaying his face somewhere impressive… in Slough.

Meanwhile, down The Foxhole, Alix Fox explains why the law needs to change regarding ‘upskirting’, how your beard could carry an STI, and advises a listener seeking stealthy, quiet ‘battery-operated boyfriends’.

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Elsewhere, in this week’s Lifehack, Jessica Cerasi, curator of the Government Art Collection, offers up her Top 3 tips on how to get the most out of a visit to an art exhibition: read up, bring a friend, and spend longer than you think you want to actually looking at the art! Jessica’s book, Who's Afraid of Contemporary Art?, is out now.

Finally, our record of the week is Beware The Beast by Carpenter Brut,  available to stream now:

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Posted on April 3, 2018 and filed under Season Seven.

5/4 - Anatomy of a Music Festival

‘You’re creating a City in the middle of the country’

From Glastonbury to The End Of The Road, Summer festivals continue to colonise the countryside. But how do people pull together such enormous events year after year?

In our 2017 Summer Festivals Special, Olly meets Pete Lawrence, co-founder of The Big Chill, which went from being a low-key ‘festival in a club’ for 150 people in Islington to an massive outdoor happening, taking over huge venues across Britain, with acts including Lily Allen, The Proclaimers, Basement Jaxx, and Leonard Cohen.

How do you choose the perfect location for your booming event? How can you maintain a counter-culture ethos whilst wooing corporate sponsors? And how can you keep the Police on-side when so many attendees are doing drugs? Pete - now founder of - reveals all...


Meanwhile, in this week’s Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart - fresh from sitting near Kate Adie at a train station - previews some Summer festivals you’ve never heard of, but should get tickets for NOW. In his top three are G!, in the Faroe Islands; the Archstoyanie Land Art Festival, 200 km southwest of Moscow; and, closer to home, the Brainchild festival, a ‘DIY and volunteer-led festival’ in East Sussex. Also, he explains why every festivalgoer needs a BioLite camping stove and Minipresso portable espresso machine, and receives an exciting invitation to Camp Bestival as part of his quest to become a true trends insider.

Elsewhere, Alix Fox brings news of sex festival Swingfields in this week’s Foxhole, and has a surprising suggested use for Original Source Mint and Tea Tree shower gel. She also tackles another prickly listener question - this week, how to speed up ejaculation when trying to conceive a child within your partner’s most fertile window of conception.

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Finally, our song of the week is by brand new outfit Videocean. They sent us their debut track, ‘Fruitless Fever’, and we loved it. It’s out now on uber-cool underground imprint Bon Nudity:

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4/8 - Having The Last Word

"You’re not dealing with death, but celebrating life"

From David Bowie to George Michael, celebrity deaths are becoming increasingly common, as the rock generation reaches retirement age. How does a paper of record go about documenting their lives?

Simon Pearson is Obituaries Editor of The Times, and in this interview he explains how profiles of the great and the good are created - ready to be published the moment a notable name pops their clogs - and how lesser-known figures also find their way on to the paper’s illustrious pages...


Elsewhere, Ollie Peart brings us news of meme warfare, holographic phones and animated April Fools pranks in this week’s Zeitgeist.

Meanwhile, down The Foxhole, Alix Fox is angry about ‘the world’s first smart condom’, and tackles one of the most popular questions to grace our mailbag: what do you do when your sex drive vastly exceeds that of your partner?

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Posted on April 4, 2017 and filed under Season Four.