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6/5 - Into the Deep

"Freediving is 99% mental. And the rest is in your head"

Diving up to 700ft with no oxygen tank may seem like an extreme sport, but instructor Emma Farrell says freediving is more like a meditative state...

freediving 2.JPG

Training Olly to hold his breath like an underwater explorer, she explains why she's never more relaxed than when she's 'one breath away from potential death': 


Emma Farrell and Olly Mann

Ollie tries his hand at aerial pilates

Ollie tries his hand at aerial pilates

Meanwhile, Ollie Peart - fresh from testing out 'Carrotea' on an unsuspecting culinary professional - considers the benefits of crowdfunded wearable air conditioning in this week's Zeitgeist; and reflects on the curious case of nature photographer David Slater. He also reports back on his challenge to try out aerial pilates - could now be the moment to bring it to Dorchester?

Elsewhere, Alix Fox tries out binaural dinner dating and Liquid Silk lubricant in this week's Foxhole, and sets about myth-busting hymen-busting: is losing your virginity always painful? And, if both people in a couple are still virgins, is it necessary or relevant to get STI-tested before doing the deed? 

The Foxhole, as ever, is sponsored by our friends at Even if you are still a virgin, there's much to enjoy in their online emporium (it's always worth practicing at home before you take the plunge...). Just use our offer code 'FOXHOLE' to receive 15% off at Checkout.

For this week's Lifehack, Alan Mahon of Brewgooder and Social Bite divulges his Top 3 tips to raise money for good causes through business. The Lifehack is sponsored by - if you want to build a beautiful website from one of their award-winning templates, use our offer code 'MANN' to get 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain.

Finally, our song of the week comes courtesy of new band Artificial Pleasure. It's called 'Wound Up Tight', and it's out now:

Massive thanks to, title sponsors of this week's episode. Their excellent app helps you manage your meds, notifies you when your prescription is running low, and re-orders it at the tap of a screen. And it’s all completely free!

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