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6/5 - Into the Deep

"Freediving is 99% mental. And the rest is in your head"

Diving up to 700ft with no oxygen tank may seem like an extreme sport, but instructor Emma Farrell says freediving is more like a meditative state...

freediving 2.JPG

Training Olly to hold his breath like an underwater explorer, she explains why she's never more relaxed than when she's 'one breath away from potential death': 


Emma Farrell and Olly Mann

Ollie tries his hand at aerial pilates

Ollie tries his hand at aerial pilates

Meanwhile, Ollie Peart - fresh from testing out 'Carrotea' on an unsuspecting culinary professional - considers the benefits of crowdfunded wearable air conditioning in this week's Zeitgeist; and reflects on the curious case of nature photographer David Slater. He also reports back on his challenge to try out aerial pilates - could now be the moment to bring it to Dorchester?

Elsewhere, Alix Fox tries out binaural dinner dating and Liquid Silk lubricant in this week's Foxhole, and sets about myth-busting hymen-busting: is losing your virginity always painful? And, if both people in a couple are still virgins, is it necessary or relevant to get STI-tested before doing the deed? 

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For this week's Lifehack, Alan Mahon of Brewgooder and Social Bite divulges his Top 3 tips to raise money for good causes through business. The Lifehack is sponsored by - if you want to build a beautiful website from one of their award-winning templates, use our offer code 'MANN' to get 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain.

Finally, our song of the week comes courtesy of new band Artificial Pleasure. It's called 'Wound Up Tight', and it's out now:

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5/2 - Micronesia's Got Talent

“We were playing on a frog-infested marsh, and it was always raining”

Paul Watson realised he would never play football for England - so attempted, instead, to be recruited by the worst international team in the world. His quest lead him to Pohnpei, Micronesia; and, although he never realised his dream of becoming an international soccer star, he ended up coaching them instead... 

What's it like training a team 9000 miles away from home, in a country with no football culture? What is the beautiful game's secret at bringing communities together? And how can one recover after a defeat against the Guam Crushers?


Paul wrote a brilliant book about his adventures, Up Pohnpei, which you can buy here. Thanks to Mannfan Tom Cotton for suggesting Paul as a guest - if you have an idea for a future edition of the show, just get in touch using our Feedback form.

Meanwhile, in this week's Lifehack, Rosie Slosek of offers up her three top tips to women about 'how to liberate your man from his job'. (Heads up, chaps: it involves actually talking to your girlfriend once in a while). The Lifehack is supported by our friends at - head there to nab yourself a beautiful website, and get a cracking 10% OFF a year's subscription when you use our offer code 'Mann'. 

Did Andi Peters really invent the Nando's Black Card? The plot thickens...

In this week's Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart considers how many petaflops are required to play Anthem on Microsoft's new XBox One X, whips up a bowl of savoury yoghurt to test out this Summer's hot new food trend, and updates Olly on his progress to become a freemason, get VIP access to a Summer festival, and touch a Nando's black card.

Down the FoxholeAlix Fox is high on pink grapefruit flavoured oxygen, yet still finds time to answer Phil (34)'s question about dating in Bristol. How should a night-shift worker find himself some afternoon delight? Alix has the answer. It involves brunch.

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Finally, our Song of the Week is The Gold by the ace Manchester Orchestra, out now on Loma Vista:

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3/8 - The Queen's Stunt Double

“In my job, fear is a great state of mind”

Gary Connery is a Hollywood stunt-man. He's played them all: Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Indiana Jones. But it's for his role as Queen Elizabeth II, parachuting out of a helicopter in the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, that he will truly go down in history.

In this interview with Olly, he recounts how it felt to be standing on the edge of that helicopter, knowing that more than 40 million people worldwide were about to watch his stunt - live. And he reveals some tricks of the trade he's picked up in his career: how to fall through glass, where to buy your cardboard boxes, and whether or not Tom Cruise really does do his own stunts...


Also in this week's show, Ollie Peart considers whether we're about to enter a world without dick-holes, a world of fix-it supremacy, or a world of Ugly Food in this week's Zeitgeist.

Meanwhile, down The Foxhole, Alix Fox has news of a Canadian gadget to help circumcised men who fancy regrowing their foreskin, and, as this week's listener question, advises a chap who has been knocked for six by an astonishing encounter with an Italian vixen. Remember if you have a question of sex for Alix, just fill in our Feedback form - you can remain anonymous if you wish. The Foxhole is proudly sponsored by MyCondom.Com - just use the code 'FOXHOLE' at Checkout to nab yourself a stonking 15% OFF.

Finally, music this week comes courtesy of Syd Arthur and his track 'Apricity', out now on Communion Records:

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