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5/7 - How Are We For Time?

"I don’t hog the limelight. When you're doing your bit, I will disappear"

Being a TV warm-up is one of the hardest jobs in showbiz. How can you capture the interest and affection of an audience who don’t know who you are, have spent hours sitting around, and may simply want to go home?

Andy Collins is a man who knows. Often cited as the best in the business, he’s honed his skills over decades, warming-up audiences for shows as diverse as Strictly Come Dancing, Big Brother, Celebrity Juice and The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

In this candid and riotously funny interview with Olly, he explains how to whip a crowd of old women into a frenzy, why he never wants to disappoint Ant and Dec, and reveals why Russell Brand, Bruce Forsyth and Michael McIntyre are all off his Christmas card list... 


(If you’d like to hear more from Andy, check out his Breakfast show on BBC Three Counties Radio, weekdays 6-9am.)

Elsewhere this week, Ollie Peart, - fresh from a speed awareness course in Yeovil - assesses the trends for body mists, Love Island and luxury watch subscription services. Plus, in his quest to become a true trends insider, progress is * finally * made in his mission to touch a Nando’s Black Card, and get a place at a chef’s table...

Meanwhile, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox checks out ‘cyborgasms’ at the Blue Dot Festival in Cheshire, and grabs a listener’s question of pubes by the short and curlies: When it comes to man-scaping, how low should you go, and what equipment should you use along the way?

If you have a question of sex for a future edition of the show, reach out via our Feedback form. The Foxhole is brought to you by our erotic associates at - head over there for a sensational range of condoms, lube and toys, and use our code, ‘FOXHOLE’, for an incredible 15% OFF!

Finally, our record of the week, is by Flyte - it’s called Cathy Come Home, and it’s off their debut album, out in August:

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Posted on July 18, 2017 and filed under Season Five.

1/9 - Being Santa Claus

It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas.

What's it like being Santa Claus? In our Christmas Spectacular episode, Olly meets actor Nigel Harvey, who makes a living playing Father Christmas all year round - and hears about the highs and lows of life inside the iconic red-and-white outfit. 

Meanwhile, at the invitation of listener Paul from delicious ice cream cafe Cloud 9, the rest of the team have decamped to Brighton, where Ollie Peart considers Tim Peake's Christmas in space, and Alix Fox presents us with her Christmas-wrapped selection of the year's best sex toys*. Ding dong!


* In case you're keen to try them out, Alix's 2015 pick of the sex toys (SPOILER ALERT!) were: The Womaniser 'sucking' clitoral stimulator from Sh! emporium; The Lester heat-up vibrator by Svakom; The Motorhead Ace of Spades vibrator from Lovehoney, and fizzy cola-flavoured condoms by Pasante. 

It's a hell of a show, but we've still got one more episode left in us before this series is done - we'll see you for the 'season finale' - when else, but next Tuesday. 

Have a very, very happy Christmas. And, if Santa ends up giving you loads of money and you don't know what to do with it, do consider buying us a beer, won't you? Thanks. 

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1/6 - Confessions of a Film Extra

Getting paid for killing time with Britney Spears

Olly has Mann-flu, but the show must go on, thanks to the healing powers of Lemsip.

This week he meets Dr Chay Allen - an art historian who paid his way through his phD by working as an extra on shows including 24 and Downton Abbey, and films including The Dark Shadows and Skyfall.

He also, for a brief period, had 10m people convinced he was Britney Spears' beau...


Chay Allen as companion to Britney Spears in the 'Criminal' video - an image she tweeted out to over 10m of her Followers

Meanwhile, thanks to Producer Matt's ingenuity, the rest of the podcast is recorded in a Ford Mondeo on St Martin's Lane.

In The Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart - himself struck down with S.A.D - applauds a novel approach to Black Friday, loses yet more of his hard-earned cash in Bux, and gets COMPLETELY SUCKED IN by Amazon's drone PR campaign.

Meanwhile, down The Foxhole, our resident love guru Alix Fox has some advice for a horny young dude who is boning so frequently he's resorted to faking his own orgasms. Poor love...

If you'd like to send in a question of sex for Alix, just click on the Feedback form - you can choose to remain completely anonymous if you wish.

Olly's song of the week is 'Let Me Hold You' by Plaitum, out 4th Dec on Wolf Tone.

See you next Tuesday!

Posted on December 1, 2015 and filed under Season One.