4/2 - The 21st Century 'It-Boy'

Artist, muse, socialite: when Daniel Lismore visits a nightclub, he charges THEM to host him.

How did this quiet man from the Midlands become a fashion insider with countless celebrity contacts and an outrageous style that's so strongly influenced London clubland?

In this interview with Olly, he discusses how his battle with bulimia, love of Star Trek and savvy use of social media has propelled him from his mum's dressing-up box to fully-fledged 21st Century 'It-Boy'.  


Daniel's book of extraordinary self-portraits, 'Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken', is out now.

Olly Mann Daniel Lismore

Meanwhile, in The Zeitgeist this week, Ollie Peart considers the Scandinavian approach to social media, the sound production of BBC costume dramas, and the luxury fast food for people with more money than sense. 

And, down The Foxhole, Alix Fox has advice for 'Dry Delila' - a listener whose medication might be drying up her ladybits.

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Music this week comes from Tom Williams. His song 'Everyone Needs a Home' is out later this year on Caroline Records:

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Posted on February 21, 2017 and filed under Season Four.