4/3 - The Impossible Cream

The story behind Baileys, the blockbuster booze brand, is unexpectedly lo-fi. It was invented not in Ireland but in London’s Soho, with ingredients purchased on impulse from a corner shop.

David Gluckman was one of the creative team who, by mixing whiskey and cream, unwittingly spawned a new sub-category of drinks - Irish chocolate cream liqueurs - which went on to sell billions of bottles. In this interview, he tells Olly how a disparaging focus group, some drinking policemen and a Jewish restaurant all played their surprising part in alcohol history.


David’s book, That Shit Will Never Sell!, includes further stories behind brands he's had a hand in, including Smirnoff Black Label, Tanqueray 10, Sheridans, and Purdeys.

Will Podcast For Beer: Olly and Ollie get Zeitgeisting at London's Craft Beer Rising festival

Will Podcast For Beer: Olly and Ollie get Zeitgeisting at London's Craft Beer Rising festival

The booze theme continues in this week’s Zeitgeist, recorded at the Craft Beer Rising festival in London’s East End. Therein, Ollie Peart predicts the hipster trends about to go global: barrel-aged beer, and sour beer. Meanwhile, Olly gets his lips around an Island Records Session IPA and attempts to name a new gin-and-tonic infused craft beer, with mixed success.

In this week’s Foxhole, Alix Fox has advice for a listener whose partner wants to put the slap into slap and tickle. Plus, there’s an update from Dry Delilah, and news of an injectable contraceptive for men. The Foxhole is sponsored by our friends at MyCondom.com - remember to use the code ‘FOXHOLE’ at Checkout to get an astonishing 15% off!

Finally, music this week comes from British punk/grime/metal infusion The One Hundred, and their track Dark Matters:

That's almost it - but if you want even.... more!!!, then why not check out our brand new spin-off video series The Modern Mann Extra, hosted by a certain Mr Ollie Peart. This week, Ollie is tasked to find out about the 'home of tomorrow': which involves a trip to Cornflake, and a promise not to break anything:

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Posted on February 28, 2017 and filed under Season Four.