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8/6 - The Cop Who Went To Prison

‘You keep your eyes open, you keep your mouth shut, and you get your fists ready’

Michael Bunting always wanted to be a police officer. He qualified aged 19, with his Dad’s old Constabulary collar number. Then, one Summer Sunday evening, his life changed forever...

bunting cop.jpg

Whilst attempting to detain a violent suspect, he was severely beaten. He kicked out - and was charged with common assault.

As he recalls in this compelling conversation with Olly, this one moment lead to a two-year ordeal, culminating behind bars at HMP Armley, where his fellow inmates chanted ‘Slaughter The Pig’...


IMG_6079 2.JPG

Elsewhere on this week’s show, Ollie Peart heads down to the canal to investigate the trend for millenials to live on house-boats - and uncovers a world of communal living, technological sacrifices and ‘cassette toilets’.

Meanwhile, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox talks polycystic ovaries, and advises a listener whose friend intentionally deceives sexual partners about her infertility.

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This week’s Lifehack comes courtesy of Alex, bar manager for Beany Green South Bank - with his Top 3 tips to make the perfect margherita: buy the finest white Tequila, use agave syrup rather than brown sugar, and always freshly squeezed lime juice.

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And finally, our record of the week is ‘Water Run’, from Californian psych-rock outfit Fine Points, out now on Caroline Records:

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7/5 - Closure and Disclosure: Surviving Abuse

Manny Waks was 11 years old when he was first sexually abused.

Raised in the ultra-Orthdaox sect of Judaism known as Chabad, he lacked the education or vocabulary to understand what was going on.

By the time he was studying for his bar mitzvah, he was molested by a second perpetrator.

Both men were members of staff at his school - the Yeshiva Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

In this searingly honest, compelling and sometimes angry conversation with Olly, he recalls how he was groomed, abused, disbelieved, and shunned - and recounts the moment he decided, aged 18, to turn his back on Hasidic Judaism for ever - and join the Israeli Defense Force...


Last year, Manny confronted his first abuser, Velvel Serebryanski, in New York. In 2013, Manny's second abuser, David Cyprys, was sentenced to eight years for sexually abusing Manny and eight other boys.

Manny is now CEO of Kol v'Oz, established in Israel in 2016 to prevent child sexual abuse in Jewish communities globally. His book, ‘Who Gave You Permission?’, is out now.

Elsewhere this week, in The Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart explains why ‘battle royale’ is the gaming format du jour, why China are investing in ‘fecal recognition’, and why Drake would rather be on Twitch than The Graham Norton Show. Plus, he reveals how he fared in his challenge to take up Para Ice Hockey (Clue: he didn’t make Team GB...)

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Meanwhile, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox - fresh from checking out the ‘vac-cube’ at Eroticon - advises a listener who wants to spend longer, much longer, going down on his girlfriend. Along the way, Alix recommends some vocal exercises, a ‘queening stool’, and a surprising application of Prince’s ‘Alphabet Street’.

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This week’s Lifehack comes courtesy of Sky Sports presenter Tony Wrighton, host of the Zestology podcast, who offers up his top three tips on how to be motivated with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

Finally, our record of the week is the ethereal and spooky Dans Ma Main, by Jean-Michel Blais, out now:

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Additional resourcesStop it Now! UK and Ireland is a useful website for anyone with concerns about child sexual abuse. Survivors UK provides information, support and counselling for men who have been raped or sexually abused. The Samaritans offer confidential, emotional telephone support 24 hours a day. This is a useful list for international listeners.

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3/4 - The Gentleman Bank Robber

Extreme highs, extreme lows, and a bungled bank robbery

Radcliffe Royds had it all - a private education; a job in the City; a wife and kids. So, how did he find himself robbing a bank with a banana, high on crack cocaine, whilst living in a skip in Soho?

In this incredible interview, he tells Olly his outrageous story. It's a tale of extreme highs and lows, brutal honesty and dark humour.

Olly Mann and Radcliffe Royds
twohat olly mann ollie peart

Meanwhile, Ollie Peart has decamped to Lisbon for the 2016 Web Summit - an orgy of start-ups and self-promotion. In this week’s Zeitgeist, he ponders whether laundry services might be the next sector to fall foul of disruptive technology, why Silicon Valley buzzwords are so damn aggressive, and why on Earth anyone would name a new company ‘Two-Hats’.

And, in our weekly trip down the Foxhole, our love guru Alix Fox puts the Poundland vibrator to the test, and answers a listener’s question about sexual piercings in the only way she knows how - with, um, piercing honesty. YOU MAY WANT TO KEEP YOUR LEGS CROSSED FOR THIS ONE. The Foxhole is sponsored by - your one-stop shop for all your bedroom needs, except possibly light fittings and duvets. Use the code FOXHOLE at Checkout to get an incredible 15% off! And if you have a question of sex for Alix to answer in a future episode, just fill out our Feedback form - you can remain anonymous if you wish

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