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8/3 - The Unlucky Ones

Jo and Steve Peck with twins Harriet and Barney, May 2018

Jo and Steve Peck with twins Harriet and Barney, May 2018

Miscarriages are the most common form of pregnancy loss - yet rarely get talked about in public.

Jo and Steve Peck suffered not one, not two, but recurrent miscarriages over the course of four years, before seeking private treatment.

In this searingly honest, compelling interview with Olly, they reveal the toll this took on their marriage, their work and their mental health - as they watched their friends begin families - gradually realising it may never happen for them.


Elsewhere, in this week’s Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart heads off for a ‘sound bath’ at the behest of Mann-fan Nicola Kelly, and learns about Tibetan bowls, crystal trance and his Chakra alignment.

Meanwhile, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox advises a gay teenager with I.B.S about his options for anal sex, and uncovers some unexpected titbits about Viagra.

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This week’s Lifehack comes courtesy of Matthew Brown, ‘Productivity Ninja’ at His Top 3 tips on making the most of your time at work? Unchain yourself from email, keep your head down 9-6, and start the day with a book…

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Finally, our Record of the Week is ‘Cacophony’ by Halona King. Enjoy:

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* If you’ve been affected by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy, the Miscarriage Association offers support and a pregnancy loss helpline:

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7/2 - The Headhunter

On a bad day, what are you like to work for? When was the last time you felt professionally vulnerable?

You’ve probably never been asked these questions in a job interview - but they’re bread-and-butter to executive headhunter Kathleen Saxton.

In this conversation with Olly, she reveals the tricks she uses to ‘see through the professional mask’ to catch the eye of high-flying CEOs, ponders the future of workplace culture in an always-connected environment, and explains why employing a borderline psychopath isn’t *necessarily* a bad thing…


Elsewhere, in this week’s Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart - fresh from experiencing an ‘earthquake’ in Dorset - explores the deeply-felt nostalgia that surfaced on #PokemonDay, considers the benefits of living in the office, and updates us on his mission to live plastic free for a week. If you have a challenge for Ollie to attempt on a future edition, get in touch.

Meanwhile, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox has a jolly story about bacterial vaginosis, and much to say on the topic of ‘watersports’: is it pleasurable and/or safe to bring piss into the bedroom? If you have a question of sex for Alix to address on a future edition, get in touch - you can remain anonymous if you wish. The Foxhole is proudly sponsored by our sexy friends at - remember to use our discount code ‘FOXHOLE’ to get a titillating 15% off!

For this week’s Lifehack, Camilla from waste food distribution charity Foodcycle offers her three top tips for using up your food: plan ahead, don’t confuse Best Before dates with Use Bys, and freeze your herbs. 

Our record of the week comes from chill-out GENIUSES Another Sky. It's called Forget Yourself and it's out now on Fiction Records: 

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1/7 - Picking Up A Partner

'Attraction is Reaction'.

Dating. In this age of Tinder, Grindr, no-strings sex and fourth-wave feminism, it's all got rather complicated.

How do you find someone you want to be with, what do you say to them once you meet them, and where do you take them for a drink?

Dating guru Hayley Quin, of podcast series Attraction HQ, joins Olly to share her five principles of approaching a partner, and her thoughts on the industry of 'pick-up artists' she joined as a ghostwriter for Wayne EliseRoss Jeffries and others.


To find out more about Hayley, visit

To find out more about Hayley, visit

Also this week, Ollie Peart delves into The Zeitgeist to consider Mark Zuckerberg's financial planning, Bill Murray's Netflix special, and whether you'd buy your granddad a PornHub giftcard for Christmas. And, down The Foxhole, Alix Fox brings us news of a testicular beauty pageant (really), and has advice for a listener who gets a kick out of looking at ladies' feet - especially in nylon stockings. If you've got a question of sex for Alix, just fill out our Feedback form - you can choose to remain anonymous if you wish.

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Our musical pick this week is this fine track, 'Sneakers' by Franky Flowers, out now on Turnstile Records. See You Next Tuesday!

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