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6/3 - Do Focus Groups Work?

"I don’t think people are necessarily experts on what they want"

The pollsters failed to predict Brexit, Trump and Theresa May's lost majority. But, in political circles, faith remains in one particular research technique: the focus group.

Edelman's James Morris was an advisor at the Number 10 strategy unit under Tony Blair, and has advised international businesses including Virgin Media and Starbucks on reputation management

In this insightful interview with Olly, he reveals how U-shaped rooms, open questions and gender dynamics all affect 'what we think we think' about political issues like climate change, leadership and immigration...


Elsewhere, Ollie Peart considers the return of the turtle-neck and the boom in onion jewellery in this week's Zeitgeist. Plus, as his quest to become a true trends insider continues, he reveals how he fared in an ethical audit of his consumer habits, thanks to Ethical Consumer's Tim Hunt.  (And if that's inspired you to get your own ethical audit done, check out

Meanwhile, down The Foxhole, Alix Fox investigates the bizarre claim that toothpaste can function as an alternative to a traditional pregnancy test, and offers advice to a listener concerned that he's the only gay in the village. The Foxhole is, as ever, proudly sponsored by our friends at Shop their excellent range of condoms and toys online, and remember to use our code 'MANN' to get a super-sexy 15% off.

For this week's Squarespace Lifehack, Trullo's head honcho Tim Siadatan offers up his three top tips to make restaurant-quality pasta at home. If you'd like to see more of Tim's advice, check out his book, also called Trullo, which is out now. The Lifehack is brought to you thanks to our good friends at Squarespace. To create your own blog, personal portfolio or business website with their easy-to-use templates, visit and, when you're ready to launch, use our offer code 'MANN' to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain.

Finally, this week's Song of the Week isn't from this week at all, really - it's Mike's Pop Song, an off-cut from Olly's all-time favourite album, R.E.M's Automatic For The People, reissued for its 25th anniversary:

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4/1 - CEO At 22

Olly Mann Sanctus

Adventures in entrepreneurial showmanship

Raising $1m in venture capital whilst still at Uni; starting a business seemed like child's play for James Routledge. His start-up attracted 50m page views per month, and his investors believed he could be the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Except, beneath the surface, he felt stressed, isolated and alone - and his business was burning £30,000 per month. In this honest and compelling interview with Olly, he explains what happened next.


James is co-founder of mental health start-up Sanctus. Read the blog-post that started it all here, and sign up to their weekly newsletter here.

In The Zeitgeist this week, Ollie Peart attempts to explain why teenagers appear to be ever more stylish, reveals how to prevent pregnancy using an app, and highlights the sad retirement of America's top fortune cookie writer, Donald Lau

Meanwhile, Alix Fox clarifies exactly how one goes about moving house when you've got a home full of sex-toys, and advises a 43 year-old virgin who is desperate to lose his virginity, but worries he has missed the boat.

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Music this week comes courtesy of Drangsal, and his new single Allan Align:

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3/5 - The World's Most Productive Man

Health, Happiness, and How To Better Use Your Time.

‘Productivity’ is a term that gets tossed around a lot: you should be more productive at work; the nation needs to be more productive in general... But what does it actually mean? There are only so many hours in the day - are there really lifehacks that can help us make better use of the limited time we have to boost our output iAND lead happier lives?

One man who knows is Chris Bailey - in a series of experiments, he spent a year trying out productivity techniques such as goal-setting, meditation and early rising, and measured actual outcomes. In this interview with Olly, he reveals his top productivity tips, dismisses the industry of ‘productivity porn’, and speaks up for the positive role of caffeine...


Elsewhere, Ollie Peart fills The Zeitgeist with news of the new Metrosexual: the Spornasexual; predicts the welcome demise of shared plates; and celebrates the trend for non-confrontational reality TV - while it lasts...

Meanwhile, in The Foxhole, Alix Fox has bad news for frequenters of notorious London sex-sauna Rio’s, and some tips for a listener whose wife wants to watch porn with him. The Foxhole is sponsored by - enter the code FOXHOLE at checkout for an outrageous 15% off.

Music this week comes courtesy of Foreign Fields and their new single Dry, out now on Caroline Records:

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