7/7 - The Ten Commandments of Touring

‘Why do bands break up? Why do people go insane on the road? Because it’s such an intense bubble of life’

Tom Meadows and Olly Mann

Tom Meadows and Olly Mann

Being in a band - on a world tour - is the stuff rock n roll dreams are made of. But the contemporary reality is a corporate concern, involving hundreds of people, all separated from their families. Surviving is an art in itself.

Tom Meadows is a freelance drummer who's worked with Girls Aloud, Duffy, Leona Lewis, and - for the past nine years - Kylie Minogue.

What are his top tips to keeping your cool when you're out on the road? And how does Pink Floyd's 'Ten Commandments of Touring' mantra stack up in the modern era?


The Ten Tour Commandments, as seen in the exhibition Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains at the V&A

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Elsewhere this week, Ollie Peart, standing beneath a mid-sized billboard of his own face, champions 'FaceGyms' and mines his own data  with typical journalistic rigour.

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Olly and Ollie bear witness to a mid-sized billboard of Ollie's face. In Slough.

Olly and Ollie bear witness to a mid-sized billboard of Ollie's face. In Slough.

Meanwhile, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox recounts how a list-based podcast brought her together with Gail Porter, and advises a male listener who wants to spend more time wearing women's panties.

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Also, in this week's LifehackDominika Piasecka, Media & PR Officer at The Vegan Society, offers up her three top tips to help YOU go vegan.

Finally, our record of the week is from Ellevator, an experimental-pop band from Hamilton, Ontario. The track’s called Voices, and they’re on tour now:

Olly and Alix's favourite 90s choon

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Posted on April 10, 2018 and filed under Season Seven.