7/9 - The Declutterer

‘You can’t organise around clutter. It’s impossible.’

Former investment banker Nicola Lewis likes to organise. Which is just as well, because the demand for decluttering has never been higher.

Her clients might be coping with a bereavement, and the resultant truckload of unwanted furniture; or just moving house after decades of unintentional hoarding.

As she explains to Olly in this laid-back chat, Nicola's skills lie in helping folks decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw out…


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Ollie Peart on stage at  Spark London

Ollie Peart on stage at Spark London

Elsewhere this episode, Ollie Peart returns from trying his hand at a spoken word evening to flag up this week’s trends in The Zeitgeist. To wit: the return of the bucket hat, and a revival for passive-view tellyin your internet browser.

Meanwhile, in this week’s Foxhole, Alix Fox considers the internal workings of the clitoris, and whether a trans-man’s clit might continue to expand inside his body as a result of taking testosterone.

(The Foxhole is, as ever, proudly sponsored by our friends at MyCondom.com. Remember to use our discount code ‘FOXHOLE’ to get 15% OFF).

In this week’s Lifehack, Natasha Lombe from RemyHairClub reveals her Top 3 tips for choosing a wig: select your material carefully, bear the climate in mind and scan social media for inspiration! (Speaking of which, you can check out Natasha @remyhairclub on Instagram.)

Finally, our record of the week is by rising LA producer Hoodboi. It’s called Long Distance, and it’s the third single from his upcoming EP, out May 22nd on Fool’s Gold records:

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Posted on April 25, 2018 and filed under Season Seven.